Looking for New Ideas from Leftover Scrapbook Supplies

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Looking for New Ideas from Leftover Scrapbook Supplies

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If you are out of ideas then head to nearest scrapbook store or go online, and you will get plenty of them. Scrapbookers are some of the most creative people among crafters because they know how to take paper, ribbons, stickers and pictures and turn them as scrapbooking supplies into heirloom albums filled with memories. It's a natural move to go from scrapbooking to making crafts with project crafts.

If you have a box of bits and pieces, the first step is to organize them so you can inventory the materials. While sorting, don't be surprised if you get innovative ideas just by looking at the bits and pieces with an eye for a new project. Creativity often just needs a little push to turn into action. Your scrapbook supplies aren't doing any good hiding in a box! They are just waiting for the right project to come along.


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